Data Networks

Managed Internet Access

Our MIA products directly connects your business to the internet securely at high speed. We offer a large variety of different connection speeds (from 10Mb to 10Gb) and we will help you chose the most suitable speed for your business.

As managed internet access has no restriction on the amount of usage, coupled with service level agreements, you know you will receive a reliable high bandwidth connection throughout your company.

The solution also works very well shared in multi business environments, either when the businesses are together in a business / innovation centre or on a business park. We can allocate bandwidth and distribute the service by cable or wireless technology to businesses up to 40km (25 miles) away from the point of presence.

MIA advantages

  • Un-contended DIA
  • No reduced (10:1) upload speeds
  • Scalable with actual bandwidth figures
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) with guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Managed traffic throughput
  • Monitored service

Kcom Virgin Business Gamma BT

To find out which solution would be more appropriate for your business please call our sales team on 01777 279 410 or email