Wireless P2P (Point to Point) Networking

We can provide design, install and support services to enable network connectivity were it is not possible to install wired solutions. This is done by connection of P2P nodes with line of site (up to 40KMtrs) to create a link. The speed of the link can be from 100Mb to 1Gb and can be used for business data, internet traffic, rural broadband, CCTV and telephony.

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Example Projects Undertaken

Simple Data P2P linking to sites for Crystal Martin International

Crystal Martin International

The yellow line show 200Mb, 500Mtr link from Kirkby road site to the warehouse on Calladine Park on Orchard Way


Multiple P2P and P2M links to Business and rual broadband in Bassetlaw


To see more on the project visit the N3 Website