Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management is an important part of medium to large businesses, running an internet connection, as it helps you ascertain the most effective and best quality connection for your business. This is especially important for applications such as FTP, Email (SMTP) and VoIP that require a constant, changeable internet connection or any application that requires quality of service (QoS). Just increasing bandwidth isn’t enough to keep these programmes running at optimal efficiency as they need a controlled connection.

Using Bluecoat PacketShaper unrivalled hardware we allow you to fully control your internet management. PacketShaper gives you content-aware ability to prioritize certain applications over others to have unaffected excellence. Also with the ability to define web contact categories and been able to define low impact social networking such as tweets to high impact social media games you can maximise work without effecting morale.

Certain applications need an assured bandwidth to operate as intended without lag such as VoIP and video conferencing. This is guaranteed with rate control technology whilst also protecting other critical network applications. With the ability to prioritise categories traffic it also allows the use of important events such as online meetings to take precedence over gaming, recreational videos and online buying.

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