Data Cabling

Sharpe UK Networks will consult with you on what the best cabling for your business. We can design and build efficient voice and data networks. We use Fluke network testers as part of our quality assurance procedures to give very accurate test certifications for each network point.

Copper Cabling

Category 6 cable is made to provide large bandwidth infrastructure for office based solutions within a 90 metre radius. The cable we use is made with a flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath because of our environmental pledge. The cable bandwidth speeds are in excess of 1Gbits up to 90Mtrs and 10Gbits within 45Mtrs.

Fibre Cabling

Fibre cable is required for distances over 90 metres from a central point or bandwidth requirements which is above 1Gbits. We can supply, install, test and terminate fibre cables from 4 to 24 core which can be in a protective armoured steel wired sheath. This cable has multi purpose capabilities due to the number of cores used and is ideal for running CCTV/VoIP solutions alongside your data network infrastructure and each core can carry over 10Gbits of information.

To find out which solution would be more appropriate for your business please call our sales team on 01777 279 410 or email